Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Has it come to this....

One of my friends was in labor last night and I went early this morning to take items to the hospital they needed. I was there for a couple of hours and she was in so much pain. Only 7cm dialated and not moving plus the epidual didnt work. I couldnt help my self wishing I was the one in pain. Has it come to me wanting to be in pain and wanting to hurt the way she was hurting. You would think, this girl is sick! She needs help! I just think the absentee hurts worse then any labor pain.

Thinking about it, I dont know so much I wanted her pain as I wanted the good pain. That is wonderful pain, knowing you are going to meet for the first time your beautiful little boy or girl. A little pain is worth it. The pain I feel doesnt feel like it is ever going to end. No end in sight.

On a happy note, she ended up having a c-section and delivered a 6lb 2ounce baby boy. I just have to keep believing and have faith that this one day will be me. That my husband will be the one needing the Dr Pepper at 4:30 in the morning.

God, I know this is all a test. I believe I have passed with flying colors! Please give me my miracle!?!?!?