Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My smart husband made the Dean's List

I know allot of family members read this blog and just wanted to make you aware of just how great Jason is doing in College....this is an email he received after he made the Dean's list this year....

Dear Jason Coakley,

On behalf of the faculty and staff at Ashford University, congratulations on being named to the Dean's list for spring 2009. Your appointment to the Dean's List is published on the Ashford University website under the Academic Superstars link. (If you have submitted a request not to release or publish information about you, your name is not included.)

Your dedication and commitment to your studies make you a great role model for others to emulate. You and your family should feel quite proud of your accomplishment. All of us at Ashford University share in this pride as well and believe that students like you help make Ashford University the quality learning institution it is.

Again, congratulations for a job well done!


Elizabeth Tice

Hope Gardina
Vice President, Academic Affairs

William C. Lowe
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Charles Minnick
Dean, College of Business and Professional Studies

Joen Rottler
Dean, College of Education

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomorrow's the day......

Tomorrow is the day for the blood test to find out if we are pregnant or not. Hopefully this will be our miracle baby but if not we understand it is just not our time. We have talked and as far as infertility treatments go, we are going to take a break if this doesn't work. We don't right now have the funds for another IVF and we have 3 IUI"s left with insurance but we don't want to use them up when there are no new changes. I may go through with the laposcopic surgery before (pray for us) I start, hopefully, my new position in September. It would be a while with a 7 week training course that I could take some time off so I would like to do it before. That is hoping and wishing I get the new job.

We are planning a trip to Branson with my mom and dad in August. They are treating us and I am really excited. It will be good to get away for little bit from this and just breathe. We are excited just to be away from it all for a short while. Then when we are ready we will start the process again. I just feel mentally and physically we are spent.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

All we can do now is leave it in God's hands...

Sorry I am just now updating everyone. I haven't been able to sign on my account lately. Saturday I had an u/s that my Dr. felt I was borderline ready. Sent me home for one more night of shots and then the appointment on Sunday was when the decision was made that it was time. Only one more shot to go and that was our trigger shot (shot that makes me ovulate). Tuesday morning went in to have my eggs harvested, I was put to sleep so I wasnt feeling to great that day. Just allot of cramping from the procedure but nothing not tolerable.

The u/s on Sunday showed from 7 follicles which I was told not all would have eggs. I was thinking I would have around 5 but turned out they only harvested 3. I was extremely upset at the beginning because I really was hoping we would have some to freeze but we were not going to. Then there was the fear all day that none of them were going to fertilize leaving us with no embryos. It was a hard and long wait but we got a call on Wed telling us that 2 of the 3 fertilized. So, right now we have two embryo's wildly growing in a tube as my mom puts it and tomorrow, Friday, we go to have them transferred.

Everyone please keep us in your prayers that this is it. Financially and emotionally, if this is once again a negative, we will have to take a break.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a little update....

Nothing new really. Just wanted to let everyone know where we are. I took my pills on Saturday that get everything started and tonight I start stimming with the shots. Not looking forward to that but it will all be worth it some day I hope. Wed is our first U/S to see what number of follicles we are working with. Hopefully that will bring us good news.

My mom and sister are staying with us right now. They came down with my dad, who is staying at my Grandma's house trying to get things sorted. So, mom and Alison have been with us going to the pool No suprise there. Alisha, my middle sister, flies in tomorrow morning with her boyfriend and they will be staying with us also. Its a good thing Jason and I decided on the three bedroom instead of the two. It would be a tight squeeze....

Only downfall of my mother being here is she likes to eat out. I am suppose to be on a "no carb" and its been hard eating out. I try to get saleds and diet drinks but in doing so I have the biggest headache. I just have to suck it up though, like I said earlier, it will all be worth it one day :)