Monday, September 26, 2011

Eventful transition to 3rd Trimester

Well, I will do the Dr update first.  Wed, 9/ 21st I started feeling very uncomfortable at work. Shortning of breath and few back to back contractions.  I called my Dr and he said to come in labor and delivery right away. I was scared to death. Didnt know what to think after the apt I had on Monday.  My husband had been home sick, I tried to call him the whole way to the hospital and couldnt reach him.  Finally, a friend of ours was able to wake him up (yes, he will sleep through anything) and he was on his way.  They put the monitor on the babies, both heart beats were strong and steady.  They did the FFN and it was negative. They did find out I had a UTI, gave me medicine and sent me home with rest.

Went to high risk appointment this morning to see if any change from last Monday and my cervix has continued funneling (opening) and now cervix has shortened.  They monitored for 30 minutes to see if I was contracting, luckily I was not. They sent me home with strict bedrest until Thursday. I go back on Thursday and hopefully no change in cervix or if there is change its due to my cervix getting longer again.  Only time will tell. For now, it looks like allot of laying down and soreness (from laying down) is here. Hopefully, this is temp.  I cant imagine having bedrest from here on out but its about the babies and what they need at this point.

How Far Along: 27 weeks and 2 days 

Size of Baby: both weighing over 2 pounds a piece

Picture:  not one this week

Weight Gain: have not weighed yet this week, OB apt on Thursday 

Sleep: still not getting much, the twins like to play soccer at about 1:00 AM for hours

Milestones: 3rd trimester

Movement: twins are making their

Symptoms: swelling of the hands, back aches, braxton hicks, and lots of pressure

Food Cravings: milk

What I'm Looking Forward to: feeling comfortable again

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last belly photo of 2nd trimester......

compared to 16 weeks, my first belly photo....

Photos just dont show the growth nor how much more solid my belly has gotten.  Crazy the growing really starts the 3rd big will I get? :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

26 weeks

He has his daddy's toes :)

How Far Along: 26 weeks and 2 days

Size of Baby: Madison (baby A) measured a little less then 2 pounds and Jackson (baby B) measured over 2 pounds

Baby A (Madison): she found her feet :)

Baby B (Jackson):

Weight Gain: 4 pounds (all babies)

Belly: belly gets bigger everynight

Sleep: breathing has been difficult and heartburn...not to mention having to pee every 45 minutes so I get it when I can get it

Milestones: we are pass the point, per books, where they would be able to survive if born today

Movement: these babies are moving all the time and the fun is now hurt, although I love feeling them knowing they are there

Symptoms: I know I am not officially in 3rd trimester till next week but I think I can say with twins, I am in my 3rd trimester, all the horribles of 1st are coming back

Food Cravings: extremely cold APPLE JUICE

Gender: BOY AND GIRL found out July 18, 2011

Names: Madison Lynn and Jackson Thomas

What I'm Looking Forward to: feeling ready for the babies, have a while to go

Dr updates: had high risk apt yesterday and didnt get the best of news. My cervix has started opening at the top. Luckily the length of my cervix has not changed. I go next Monday for a test to determine if I am at high risk of pre term labor and then they will decide on what my next steps are.

Also, Madison placenta fluids are low. They arent sure why and are going to monitor. If you look at the ultrasound pics, you can see the difference in fluid levels. Really concerned about this but Dr said its more just something to watch at this point.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor and Delivery Tour

So, yesterday hubby and I did the tour of where are little bundles of joys will enter the world. It is a brand new hospital so everything is brand new and sparkly.  They have no visiting hours, so family can come and go all night. They have maternity suites which are similar to a hotel suite and have flat screens, DVR, fridge, bed for husband and etc.  Very very nice and very excited we are getting to deliver there. patient room

Babies stay in the room with us the whole time, unless they have to go to NICU of course which I am nervous about because they are twins and may came early.  If they go to NICU and because I am having a c-section, it will be 12 hours at the earliest I will get to see them. I am so upset about this.  Luckily, Jason will get to go in within an hour after they get them set up but I dont like I have to wait so long.  I am just going to keep praying we will not have to worry about the NICU. 

Another surprise, even with a c-section, you are on track to be discharged at 48 hours.  I thought with c-section it was longer but hey, less time in the hospital the better. 

So, as you can see we learned allot yesterday.  Made everything so real and so close.  I havent been feeling the greatest this week, I have a very heavy feeling and lots of pressure.  I called my OB and she said since I wasnt having any contractions or fluids, I should be able to wait till my high risk apt on Monday but to take it easy for the rest of the week.  She thinks the babies have just changed positions and have made it more uncomfortable but doesnt feel concerned. However, if I get any heavy fluid or contractions, I am to come to the office right away.  Guess we will see how the rest of the week goes. 

Just for your information.... I AM NOT READY nor want to be on bedrest already. I am hoping the Dr is right and they have just changed positions. I am starting to realize how short my time may be.  We are now setting up appointments with daycares and pediatricians.  Nursery is not even close to being done...just feel like so much to do and not enough time!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 23

How Far Along: 23 weeks and 5 days

Size of Baby:  they are both over a pound and about a foot long, most books refer to them as a little baby doll

Picture:  no picture for this week

Weight Gain: had OB apt and I am officially at my start weight, not a pound more

Belly:  slowed down on growing

Sleep: some nights I can fall asleep as soon as I hit my pillow and sleep almost through the ngiht before I have to go pee and then other nights, I will toss and turn and get up and pee about 8 times.  Havent found out how to sleep well everynight and I know it doesnt exist :(

Milestones: now feeling both babies kick, poor Madison placenta was in front of her and she just couldnt kick hard enough but it was scaring me. 

Movement:  wow, my babies are very active and feel them all the time.  My OB said she was glad the high risk Dr was doing my measurements.  haha.

Symptoms:  still heartburn, I have to sleep propt up.  Also starting to feel very heavy in the afternoon from the weight of belly. 

Food Cravings: I am thirsty all the time and nothing seems to quinch the thirst.  No food really....

Gender: BOY AND GIRL found out July 18, 2011 

Names: Madison Lynn and Jackson Thomas

What I'm Looking Forward to: getting nursery completed, husband just finished painting and starting on the cribs.

Dr updates: OB apt went well, belly measured where it should, gained weight since last apt, and babies heartbeats look good. Dont have another apt until Sept 19 with high risk.