Monday, May 30, 2011

out of the single digits :)

Just a quick post, I am officially out of the single digits today. 10 WEEKS! Feels so good, well I still dont feel good but the milestone does. I have had a horrible weekend. I am so out of breath when I do anything and nauseated all the time. I cant wait to see if its true it gets better in the 2nd trimester.

I have my last ultrasound this week with our RE on Wed. I am excited to graduate and move to my OB who I love but I also love the nurses and DR at my RE. So, its going to be bitter sweet.

I will post more on Wed!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9 weeks

How Far Along: 9 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby: Baby A was measuring right at 9 weeks, Baby B was measuring 9 week and 3 days....they are both about the size of an olive

Picture of Baby: we didnt get that great of photos this week...hopefully next week will be better. they are still doing vaginal u/s and baby B (top) just doesnt photograph well. They said it will be different with belly scan, cant wait.

Maternity Clothes: I broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans and a dress....looking for a bathing suit

Weight Gain: finally gained a few pounds this week, still below my starting weight

Belly: feel more bloated then pregnant right now

Stretch Marks: none from the pregnancy yet

Sleep: not the greatest, I just cant seam to get comfortable

Best Moment of the Week: telling everyone finally, something about telling the world that makes you feel more pregnant

Movement: not yet but cant wait

Symptoms: horrible week of nausea and no ENERGY!

Food Cravings: cherry sprite

Gender: dont know....

What I Miss: feeling normal

What I'm Looking Forward to: feeling the movement in my belly

Weekly Wisdom: twins due cause your first trimester to suck even more

Milestones: my body is producing my hormones for me, I am now off prometrium and estrogen

Emotions: so excited and finally pregnancy is feeling real

Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 weeks

How Far Along: today I am 8 weeks and 3 days

Size of Baby: both babies are the size of a kidney bean and they are measuring to date

Picture of Baby: again Baby A is very photogenic as you can see in the fetal position. Baby B is actually looking at us on in the picture, he is on the right. on the ultrasound you could actually see eyes and face.

Maternity Clothes: i have a pair of capris from my last pregnancy and I have to admit I wear them. my jeans are very snug. its time to go get some essentials.

Weight Gain: i have actually lost weight, i have lost about 5 pounds from my start weight

Belly: belly is there.....we have decided to start telling people because I am getting stares...I AM NOT FAT lol

Stretch Marks: none from the pregnancy yet

Sleep: I have been on bedrest this week due to bleeding so I have had TOO much sleep. my body is sore from laying down.

Best Moment of the Week: seeing such clear photos of baby A in the fetal position and seeing Baby B face

Movement: not yet but cant wait

Symptoms: ugh still have all the first trimester symptoms....nauseated, hungry, thirsty, mouth watering, tired, dizzy, and cramps (growing pain)

Food Cravings: icecream

Gender: still dont know.....thinking baby A is girl/ baby B is boy

What I Miss: still Dr Pepper and hot baths

What I'm Looking Forward to: feeling okay with pregnancy, I had spotting recently and I am ready to see the twinkies next week to have comfort.

Weekly Wisdom: twins cause more bleeding and complications

Milestones: we have past the point where we lost our angel baby

Emotions: scared and concerned but still happy

Monday, May 16, 2011

Going stir crazy but the babies are okay......

So, it happened again. Last night I started bleeding, red, about the amount of a light period. It last about 10 hours. I was so worried, twice in one week, this cant be good. Baby B was so hard to measure at our 7 week appointment and I was so nervous he/she was not okay. I called the Dr this morning and they took me right away.

Waiting for the ultrasound felt like it was taking forever. I really didnt know how to prepare my self for what I was about to see. I was so upset at first because my husband was not going to be able to be there and I wanted him to be there. Luckily, he made it.

Doctor comes in, she knows we are worried so she gets right too it. Baby A, front and center like always with a 170 heartbeat. Baby B hiding like usual but nice strong heartbeat of 180. I just started crying, it was automatic relief. They both measured at 8 weeks exactly which is what I am today.

Dr then shows me a huge spot on the ultrasound and says this is where the blood is coming from. She said its not harmful to the babies or that close but that I was to be on bedrest till Wed. I go back on Wed for another ultrasound to see if it has calmed down. I am just so glad that everything is okay, just knew with all that blood, it couldnt be good.

Oh, the cutest thing today we got to see baby B arm and baby A was photogenic as well. Crazy how in love you can be when they are no bigger then a pea.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

7 weeks

How Far Along: today I am 7 weeks and 2 days

Size of Baby: they are both about the size of a blueberry, I dont remember the exact measurements she provided....

Picture of Baby: Baby A was very photogenic, he/she is too the left. Baby B however, has a huge condo but he/she is all the way down at the bottem.

Maternity Clothes: the twins have given me a belly, tight restrictive clothes are deffinitly out now, I like loose. I plan to go shopping at 9 weeks.

Weight Gain: gained 2 pounds this week

Belly: cant hide it much longer, makes my husband smile though, its so cute

Stretch Marks: not yet....keeping that cream on

Sleep: not sleeping as good as I was the last couple of weeks but still getting plenty of rest.

Best Moment of the Week: during the ultrasound, the nurse had both heartbeats in view, it was awesome

Movement: not yet but can feel the belly stretching

Symptoms: nausea is my best friend right now and I dont want to be its friend. They did give me medicine but I am scared to take it. I am using sea bands and they are helping.

Food Cravings: pickles and chicken nuggets

Gender: everyong keeps saying 2 girls, I would like boy/girl

What I Miss: Dr Pepper and hot baths

What I'm Looking Forward to: feeling okay with pregnancy, I had spotting recently and I am ready to see the twinkies next week to have comfort.

Weekly Wisdom: that spotting is usual in pregnancy

Milestones: able to see an actuall figure on the ultrasound, Baby A head and tail was clear.

Emotions: scared and concerned but still happy


I am so freakin out right now thinking not again. We had our ultrasound yesterday. Saw both babies heartbeats at 130 and they were measuring to the day. Everything looked great. Latter that night, I went to put my progesterone in and I had blood in my panties. Red! Sure enough I wiped and it was red. Called the nurse on duty and she said its normal and call in the morning if I am still bleeding. About 3:00 AM got up to go to the bathroom and wiped kinda pinkish blood but I had a liner on and nothing in the liner. Then this morning is now a brownish blood.....

I am going to call and make them give me an ultrasound or something. My next u/s is next Wed but I dont want to wait that long to find out if something happened to one or both. Last time I had to have a D&C, so I am not sure what too look for in a miscarriage.....

Please pray for me and my babies!


Called the nurse this morning and told her it was now a brownish blood. She said that sounds like its tapering off. She said its normal after a pelvic exam to sometimes have some blood. She asked what I did afterwards, I said I went shopping. She is not worried because I dont have any cramping and its no longer red. She told me to monitor the blood but she didnt think I need to come in for an ultrasound, everything should be good still...

WHAT, that doesnt help. That is a should be? why cant I just come in and see....

anyone ever have anything like this?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Infertility from A to Z

I read this at JSpuared and thought it was an awesome insight for the IF world. Feel free to copy and use, would love to read your answers!

A – Age at Which you Started Trying To Conceive: 23
B – Baby Dancing or Sex: baby dancing
C – Children Wanted: set of 3, now with twins looking at 4 children
D – Dogs/Cats/Fill In Babies: our furbaby, Louie, and my BF child
E – Essential Oils/Vitamins: Prenatal vitamin
F – Fertility Meds I’ve Taken: Baby aspirin, prenatal vitamin, Letrozole, Clomid, Lupron, Prometrium, low dose HCG, trigger shot, Estradiol,, Ovidrel, Follistem, Gonel-F (I am sure I have left off many, lets just say, we have done allot!)
G – Gain, What I have Gained from Infertility: how wonderful my husband has been through out the process and how awesome our families are for support. you really find out who is really there for you!
H – HSG test: yes, hated it but everything was good
I – Infertile Pet Peeve: When people tell you, dont worry if you cant have a baby you can adopt? um, have you looked into the cost of adoption, the waiting list, or even the emotion regarding new born adoptions then of course the famous words "it will happen" no it will not just happen, I have ovulation issues, I DONT OVULATE! you cant have a baby if you dont ovulate
J – Job Title: claims adjuster
K – Kids Names you are Afraid will be Taken: it has already happened and I credit about it for days. it was special, my mothers maiden name was Jackson and she said she wanted her first grandson to be named Jackson. Well, Jason and I talked about it when we first got married and loved it and had it picked since that day. Unfortunatly, there will now be two Jacksons in our family but only one Jackson Thomas Coakley :)
L – Lengh of Time Trying to Conceive: 4 years
M – Miscarriages: 1 at 10 weeks
N – Number of Times you have Swiched Reproductive Endocrinologists: once but I dont think it counts because we went back to our first one
O – Ovarian Quality: they produce follicles, usually empty ones ;(
P – Pee-On-A-Stick or Wait for Aunt Flo: I am a pee-on-a-stick aholic and it doesnt help my husband is too.....
Q – Quote from an Obnoxious Fertile: "your doing fertility treatments, is that because yall dont want to natural" are you KIDDING me, who wants to go through all the pain and suffering of hormones and shots and lets not forget the financial part when I could just MAKE LOVE TO MY HUSBAND...ughhhh
S – Sperm: nice high count, just has a few lazy boys...
T – Time you Tried Naturally: we are always trying naturally hoping for a miracle (5 years)
U – Uterus Quality: slightly tilted but looks good
V – Vagina: No complaints there
W – What Baby Stuff do you Already Have: my mom and sister just purchased me a playyard from Ellen's show for mothers day....that will be my first baby purchase
X – Xtra, Xtra, Hear all about it! How many people know about your TTC Journey: at first, family and close friends, now its like WHATEVER!
Y – Yearly Exam: every year, usually RE recommends an annual
Z – Zits: I take hormones, what do you think!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!!!!!

What a wonderful and special day! Although, it can be hard for us that struggle with infertility or have had a loss, what a special day it is!

My lovely aunt sent me a "Happy Mothers Day" last year. She reminded me that just because my baby was an angel baby, I was still a earth mother and had created a special being I would one day get to meet in heaven. My husband sent me chocolate covered strawberries and told me to be patient, in God's time.

This mothers day is different, still remembering our precious angel baby, we are waiting on the arrival of our two Twinkies. Having morning sickness and just being tired all the time makes me appreciate all the mothers out there that have gone through this many times. After bringing the baby in this world, they forget about all the pain and suffering they endured to get them here and are ready for the next baby. It really is a miracle and an amazing thing. Being pregnant and watching the stages of your baby and your body, is a reminder of our amazing creator.

Then after the baby is here, the nourishment and the love a mother gives you that is unconditional. What an amazing gift we were giving to bare children and be able to mother children. Also for those of us that cant have children, we still have the maternal instinct to mother those children in need.

Happy mothers day to the mothers, mothers to be, and earth mothers! May it be BLESSED!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week 6 ultrasound.....heartbeats

Here are the little twinkies at 6 weeks......

As you can tell, the sac is double the size. Unfortunatly they were not coroperating for the group shot so its really hard to see them but they are in there. We got to hear both hearbeats. Baby A (on the left) measured at 6 weeks and 1 day, exactly what I was that day. Baby B (on the right) measured at 6 weeks and 3 days and was nesteled right against my wall. Jason said that is a our "basketball player" lol. Just FYI, my husband is 6'3. Hopefully if we have a son, they will get his height. Both heartbeats were at 103.

It was great appointment. Everything is finally feeling real and of course every appointment I am getting more and more comfortable. We go back next Tuesday...cant wait!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Internet can be evil.....

Ugh.....for those that have followed me for a while know that in 2009, we got pregnant with IVF and lost our baby at 11 weeks. Saw the heartbeat from week 6 and our last ultrasound with our RE, no heartbeat was found. We were devastated, we took a year off to grieve, mourn, and have our relationship recoup after 2 years of straight fertility treatments.

Now, 2011, I am 6 weeks pregnant and I cant get that appointment out of my head. Of course now that I know we have twins I have researched

to find out what the miscarriage rate is for twins or that one may not make it. I have drove myself crazy. I am done. No more evil Internet making me worry about something I dont need to.

Its in God's hand and he will take care of our babies. I pray they will be 2 healthy babies we will have in our arms in December and we will get to share them with the world. Our beautiful babies. I prayed this morning and asked God to give me the strength to rely on him and to stop worrying about things that are out of my control. To give me peace and just enjoy this pregnancy and not to over analyze everything. After that prayer I do feel more at peace.

I cant WAIT TILL TUESDAY to get to see our babies again. I will post the updated picture after the appointment.