TTC timeline

Married June 24, 2006 and went off birth control

July 2007: diagnosed with PCOS and was told I would need hysterectomy by 30 and would not be able to have children

October 2007: got second opinion, have severe PCOS and hyperthyroid, put on thyroid medicine and metformin and discussed clomid when ready

March 2008: unsuccessful clomid cycle

April 2008: unsuccessful clomid cycle

May 2008: unsuccessful clomid cycle, OBGYN advised no longer can help and referred to RE

September 2008: had consultation with Dr Lipari (RE), all initial test including HCG came back clear so no block tubes or any other issues, he recommend IUI's

December 2008: Letrozole (25), HCG + 2 Iui's (BFN)

February 2009: Letrozole (25), HCG + 2 Iui's (BFN)

March 2009: Letrozole (25), injections, hcg + 2 iui's (BFN)

April 2009: was advised IVF would be the next step

June 2009: IVF mini stem, started acupuncture, 3 eggs retrieved, 1 made to 4 cells on day 3, transferred one (BFP)

August 2009: miscarriage, unknown reason, D&C was completed

October 2009: completed another IUI, (BFN)

continued acupuncture, took break from TTC to recover mentally and physically...hired personal trainer, lost weight and body mass, got thyroid and issues undercontrol...went on much needed week cruise with husband

November 2010: met with new RE who advised based on age and issues, should be able to start with IUI

December 2010: IUI with Dr trigger needed (BFN)

January 2011: IUI with Dr Winslow, trigger needed (BFN)...discussed IVF

March 2011: decided to meet with original RE, Dr Lipari due to we felt more comfortable with him and wanted to allow him to advise why we only had one egg to transfer, he advised it was due to mini stem and this time we would due a traditional to produce more eggs, we decided to start as soon as possible ...........

April 2011: retrieved 8 eggs, 6 eggs fertilized, 5 made to 5 day blast, transferred 2 and froze 3....(BFP with twins)

40 week due date...December 25, 2011