Monday, March 30, 2009


Not a good appointment today. Last Thursday we had an appointment and had 12 follicles which is awesome for me considering I barely had one last time. We were all excited going to the ultrasound this morning because we thought this was it. We were on a new cycle, had tons of potential eggies, and were doinginjections. Due to the number of follicles I produces on Follitism alone this time, she didn't want me to start the injections until Sunday. Hoping that some would not continue to grow (by the way, I gave my self the shot last took me 30 minutes to get the nerve up but I did it). Today we found out that all of them grew. Which I noticed I felt bloated and just uncomfortable and come to find out my ovaries are covered. Well, we were given two options to think about.

1) cancel the cycle. Way to many follicles to take the risk of going forward and getting 12 fertilized and then having to make the decision of selection rejection (aborting some of the eggs) which I cant imagine we would want to do that.

2) Turn this cycle into an IVF (In-vitro: take the eggs out, fertilize, and then implant) which is cheaper then the regular IVF cycle. When she said that I was thinking, hmmm...regular IVF is $10,000 so what is cheaper...ohh just $4000 at the day of the appointment. Now, please tell me where a 25 and 24 year old can come up with that in a few days. Just not going to happen.

So, really are only option is too cancel the cycle and just start a new one next month. Good thing about this is it want waist our insurance cycle...they allow us 6....we have only done 2, this would be 3. So we will still have 4 cycles left which is promising. I just am not ready to make that commitment...IVF is last case scenario and we will have to have some time to consider if we want to go through that process. So, as of right now. This is were we stand. We will let you know how Wed goes....we might get lucky and have only a few reach mature size....but I guess only time will tell.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Just a quick note, sitting at work. Haven't heard anything on the job yet. It would be so awesome to know something soon. We have decided to go to IL in May, May 12-17th to be exact. My friend Jennifer is getting married that weekend so not only do we get to spend time with our family we also get to go to her special event. I hope to buy the plane tickets today. If anyone is wanting to go somewhere, Airtran has one way tickets like $50 each way. Even though the plane ride back went up for us its still a ticket for under $200. Not too bad considering....

Oh and speaking of Weddings. I am so excited and ready for September. Just found out my best friend Lindsay and her new husband, when she gets here, will be making us a stop on their road trip honeymoon. How exciting?!!!! Cant wait....

And for those wondering about fertility treatments, I took the 10 Femera pills on Monday. We go tomorrow for an ultrasound to see if they have started any follicle growth. I believe this appointment they decide when I start my injections which speaking of injections I am a little nervous. I had a meeting with the RN on Monday and she explained all the risk. I was thinking she was just going to go over the multiple pregnancy risk but no she had to talk about the risk of the medicine all together. She said, no exercise light walking only. I guess my ovaries will way more then normal and by doing any jumping, running, etc....I could twist my ovaries which is emergency surgery. Then she explained the possibility of too much fluid in my abdomen which would make me have to also have an emergency IV to drain the fluid and the then the other one was hyperstimilating my ovaries which would mean the cycle would be cancelled and hope none of the cyst pop. So, when I left her office I was scared out of my mind. After doing a little research I believe she was just telling me worst case scenario and what to look for but she didn't phrase it that way and had me all worked

Well, hope everyone is having a great humpday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So, just wanted to do a quick fertility update. We had our baseline ultrasound on Monday and we were given the green light. Everything was quite and looked good from the last cycle. So, we start our new new cycle with the injections. This will be our first with the injections so I am a little nervous. We go next Monday for the nurses to explain what to expect and how to use them. I will be taking my Femera (fertility medicine that I have been taking all alone) this Saturday I believe and based on our ultrasound next Thursday, it will determine when we start the injections. If all goes well we will be testing around Easter weekend.

Nothing new really has been going on. I have allot on my plate at work with different activities I am in and interviewing for a new job tomorrow. It is an Enterprise Services Training Specialist, its the same job I did an internship last year with. It would be really great if I got that because I could get off these 12 hour Sundays. As we all know though, it will happen if its suppose to.

Well, I better get back to preparing...I am facilitating a workshop for Jason's focus group today. For all of you that didn't know, my husband is a constant go getter at work. He was chosen for a Leadership Focus group within his department to help him grow as a leader. Little did he know, I knew when his first workshop was because I was facilitating it. Too funny...we cant even get away from each other at work. :)

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week....will update as soon as I know more.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beach Day

Hey everyone...just sitting at work on a early Sunday morning and thinking about what a lovely day our family had yesterday. Jason for some reason woke up really early and went and played basketball.....Louie and I decided to go on a walk and realized it was "beach day" weather. Jason and I packed up the car with Louie's toys and all our beach stuff and we headed to the wonderful Vilono beach, we go a little further down A1A so Louie can have room to play and did he play. It was our first beach day of the year and he just played and played. It was so fun to watch, especially when he barks and chases the waves. I will have to get that on video next time. I posted a cell picture below from the beach...just wanted to share. We both got a little sun burn but it felt so good to be out in the sun again. We then finished the night off at night church and some dinner. What a great day!!! With everything that has been going on, we haven't really been able to spend time together, it was nice to have family time again.

Hope everyone has a great week.