Thursday, June 11, 2015

an you believe it! I am alive!!!  And how my little ones have grown!!!!!

Madison and Jackson are 3 1/2.  Madison is my sweet little diva and just so independent.  Jackson is well, he is a boy.  My family likes to call him a sour patch kid.  One minute he is so sweet and loving and then the next he is tackling you on the floor.  But he has the biggest heart.

And well, we want number 3.  We feel now the twins are getting older we want that baby.  So, we secretly have been doing a frozen cycle.  With the twins IVF round, we got 5 5day blast that were good quality. We transferred two and froze 3.  On June 3rd we transferred one (yes only one :) ) on that day.

I thought that a frozen cycle after all this time would be so easy but man did it bring all the emotions of the roller coaster back like we were still on that journey.  The shots, the hormones, the schedule, the was just all back.  Friday I have my blood drawn to get my beta numbers but I cheated of course. I am not sure what to make of it.  I got a VERY faint squinter on the First Response but the digital came up pregnant. I am nervous about the faint line but I thought with a digital you have to have at least 50 hcg level.  Hmmmmmm.....what does it all mean!

Sorry tried to put pics and it wouldn't let me. will have to later tonight!