Friday, February 4, 2011

Plan B (once again)

Well, guess what. 2 clomid cycles with IUI later....still no positive. That is a total of 6 IUI's and not one has worked. Our insurance only covers 6 lifetime IUI cycles so if we did decide to do another one it would be out of pocket. We did switch RE's this year so only 2 of those cycles were with him and he does recommend 3 before moving on to IVF but I just think we are tired of going through the process with no positive outcome. So......dundundun.......we are moving on to IVF!!!!!

Ugghhhh...nerves, butterflies, negativity, optimistic, scared, and so many more feelings come about when talking about doing another IVF cycle. We are hoping with this new RE, he will not be as conservative and we will at least get embroyos that we can freeze. Last time we eneded up with 3 at egg retrieval, only 2 matured, and we transferred both. when we lost the baby, we were not able to do a frozen cycle. I will feel so much better if we have that option after the transfer. I hope we get a miracle like last time and get pregnant on the first try, our new Dr is known as the Dr of multiple but I would love to have more then one so I am not that nervous about that. We have a great support system that would help us along the way.

Well girls and my few guy followers, here we go. The new journey of the IVF cycle. We meet with the Dr on valentines day to discuss the cost and the procedure. We will know then more about when we are looking on starting the cycle. we do have a vacation plan early March, so we are thinking after that.