Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our baby is in Good Hands

Just wanted to check in and let yall know the D&C went well this morning. No complications. Feeling really crampy and tired but glad its over. They said I should be healed physically within a few days but emotionally time will tell. I love my Dr for that, its not all about the medicine. He has gone through the same exact situation and you could tell it was hurting him watching us go through it. They are going to send the embryo off for testing, hopefully it will give us some answers.

I guess I woke up out of anesthesia historically crying. Probably due to all the emotions that build up but I had a lovely and unexpected visit when I was under. I was with my Grandma, sitting with me holding my hand and telling me everything was going to be okay and she would take care of our little one and how proud she was of us for being so strong and keeping our trust in the Lord. I joked with her in my dream and said she was just getting lonely and wanted a Great Grand to play with, we laughed (seeing that wonderful big smile of my Grandma's one time just made everything seem better). I told Jason about my visit and the joke and he laughed saying that's probably true. Being with her even is a dream really help with closure knowing that our baby was in good hands.


kerri said...

i'm so glad your grandma came to visit you. she will be watching over your baby and they'll be waiting for you some day. i have similar dreams about my dad. it's always comforting when i get a visit...

take it easy and just know that i am thinking about you. *hugs*

Rose said...

Time doesn't make us forget, it just doesn't "pain" as much. I'm sure by now that our baby Amos has met cousin Coakley and they are entertaining Papa and Grandma. I miscarried between Adah and Elijah and that experience put me into another "camp" of emotions that I never dreamed could be there for a little one that you didn't really know but you'd already made so many plans around. I encourage you both to grieve - openly, quietly, together, alone. Most people just can't relate and, that's ok. I'm happy for them that they haven't had to go down this road. This just came to my mind.........GRANDMA and GRANDPA HENDERSON BURIED THEIR FIRST BABY AS WELL. And then...she had 16 more! God indeed has a PLAN, and He indeed "holds the little-bitty His Hands." I love you both and will continue to pray for you. I'm so glad you had that dream. I'm jealous! :)
XXXOOO, Aunt Rose