Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a little update....

Nothing new really. Just wanted to let everyone know where we are. I took my pills on Saturday that get everything started and tonight I start stimming with the shots. Not looking forward to that but it will all be worth it some day I hope. Wed is our first U/S to see what number of follicles we are working with. Hopefully that will bring us good news.

My mom and sister are staying with us right now. They came down with my dad, who is staying at my Grandma's house trying to get things sorted. So, mom and Alison have been with us going to the pool No suprise there. Alisha, my middle sister, flies in tomorrow morning with her boyfriend and they will be staying with us also. Its a good thing Jason and I decided on the three bedroom instead of the two. It would be a tight squeeze....

Only downfall of my mother being here is she likes to eat out. I am suppose to be on a "no carb" and its been hard eating out. I try to get saleds and diet drinks but in doing so I have the biggest headache. I just have to suck it up though, like I said earlier, it will all be worth it one day :)

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