Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beginning of the new "us"

Hey everyone! Wow, havent been on here in forever. I guess after all the emotional pain of the rollercoaster of life it was hard for me to write. Plus I had started this lovely job of mine that keeps me busy all the time. Never any down time. Plus, my daddy purchased my Grandma's house and we don't like it sitting there with no one in it so I am now the property manager and I keep it up and rent it out. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED, let me know. Its a vacation rental in the Golden Isles of GA (St Simons, Jekyll Island, and Brunswick) lol, just thought i would throw that in there.

As for what is going on in our life. Well, after the miscarriage we tried one more round of IUI as you all know. It didnt work. We then went a different route of prayer for a good 6 months. No medicine or anything. I then started feeling sick and tired all the time. Went to the Dr. and I had to be put back on Progestorone, Thyroid medicine, and B12 shots. I have been on them for about 4 months now and have made quite the difference. I also started back with accupuncture and did this for about 4 months strait. Due to the amount of money it was costing, unforuntately it was just not something that we could keep doing right now. The progesterone helped with monthly periods but still unknown if I am ovulating.

Jason and I felt that we just need a vacation. We have booked our self on a 7 day cruise of the eastern caribbean end of Aug. We are so excited. I also have read so much about how much PCOSisters that have lost 20 pounds it has helped with their ovulation. Jason and I both so out of shape compared to our athletic days. We decide as a couple to start personal training. WHAT!? Yeah, personal training 3 times a week. It has been harsh but I can already see results in Jason and I. Of course more in Jason because he is a guy and drops pounds like its water but oh well, I am still doing good.

So, instead of a blog of our fertility journey (which this is still a part of our journey to parenthood) this will discuss our weightloss.

So, here we go. This is week 3 and we will soon know what results we have had. Without numbers, I know that I can do about 20 more pushups then when we started and several more sit ups. So, I know its working just not sure where posted.

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