Tuesday, August 9, 2011

wow, 20 weeks!!!

I will do my 20 week post like usual when I get a chance but got exciting news this morning. If you remember I failed my 1 hr glucose test a week ago so I had to go for the long glucose test with fasting (which by the way, for pregnant woman it is not even fair game) Long story short, I didnt make it without passing out and finished my test in hospital bed. Good thing I got through it and Dr called this morning and told me I passed all 4 draws! YEAHHHH!!!! No gestational diabetes for me! well for now of course, I will have to do the 1 hr again at 28 weeks and hopefully get the same results except this time I hope I pass the 1 hr first. This is huge for me though becasue with PCOS about 70% get gestational diabetes. I do have to remember though, most woman GD doesnt come on till 24 weeks so still have a hump to get pass. For now though, GOOD NEWS!!!!

As for other things, I think Jason and I finally have decided on names. We have had our boy name picked out for mothers maiden name is Jackson and she has wanted a grandson named Jackson. We both really liked the name and it goes well with hubby's middle name Thomas so JACKSON THOMAS it when we found out other twin was a girl, we had a few names in mind but just havent been able to decide. We have always liked Jadyn but it has become very popular and I really wanted something unique but southern bell. So we threw around Emma, also very common and Jordan. My sister and I was talking about names and she brought up Addison which would give our girl my initials but found Madison which is very unique....I thought how perfect because it ends in SON like Jason and Jackson (which have you notice a theme, maybe the third child will have something from me) and we had decided her middle name should be Lynn due to family name on Jason's side plus his sister middle name....So

Madison Lynn it is which I love how Maddie Lynn sounds so more then likely would be what we end up calling her.

So, we are 99% sure we will be naming our twins:

Jackson Thomas and Madison Lynn!!


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Absolutely brilliant news on teh GD test! Hoping it stays that way the whole way.

I love you names, beautiful, well thought through and as you say they go well together without being too samey. Stunning!