Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trial transfer/ Illinions Trip

Well, I will start with the trip to Illinois. It was relaxing to get away for a little bit and hang out with the family. There is something always so awesome about being around family having their support. We had a great time with mine and Jason's family but we were so ready to get home too. Its mixed emotions but we were talking on the way home and we can honestly say now that Jacksonville is home to us. We were so ready to see our Louie and sleep in our own bed but we love seeing our family too. If only we could move Jacksonville a little rained pretty much the whole time were in Illinois. We hit bad weather going up and then flying home we ran into bad weather which left the ride from ATL to JAx a little bumpy. I don't like those kind of plane rides. We made it home safely though thanks to God's good graces but too more rain which has not stopped since we have stepped foot off the plain. I guess we have a Nor'easter around the Bahamas which is causing us to have nasty rains and winds. I will post some pics of the family (my side) when I get a chance from the Wedding. I unfortunately didn't get any taking with Jason's fam, we will make a point to do that when we are back up in September.

Now to fertility, we get home and the anticipated calender is in the mail. I was mad though because we had a RN consultation on that Saturday, which obviously we missed because we were out of town. They also had me scheduled for today for a Saline Ultrasound (where they fill my uterine cavity with Saline water to make sure there are no fibroid or anything that would cause problems with the cycle) and they also did a trial embryo transfer to make sure they have the correct catheter for when the time comes. Let me tell you, your bladder has to be EXTREMELY full for them to do the transfer and it was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done. ***TMI...I just new I was going to pee on him. Luckily, I didn't but he told me I would not be the first which was comforting to know. Good news, everything went great. He saw no concerns and says my uterine cavity is in great shape which was good to here. We then had our RN consultation where she want over ALL the medicine and shots I will be having to take and I mean ALL. It is crazy the amount of medicine I will be taking this cycle, it is $1200 worth and that is with insurance so that can give you an idea. I will be doing allot more shots then I did last time which I am not looking forward. She also explained the egg retrieval will be done with me put out which I would rather be sleeping, I just don't want the IV. Anyways, more to come, we have our first U/S on Tuesday. I will update everyone then...

Quick note for those that knew my sister was having surgery on Monday. She came out fine, she is extremely sore from the staples, she spent last night in the hospital. They took her catheter out this morning and if she can get up and walk and go to the potty, they said she can go home which she is excited about. They were able to save the ovary but the Dr. said that due to them cutting it a little bit, she cant guarantee that it will not turn to tissue and not work but she said the good news if she still has one perfectly good one and both her tubes so she didn't seem worried for Alison (which after everything I have gone through I PRAY she will never experience this)

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