Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 1- IVF

Well, today was the beginning of one of the most important things of our lives. Today Jason and I went in for our baseline ultrasound to make sure everything is okay to start the stimulation with medication. We were given the go and I will start taking my medicine next week with our first u/s of the follicles on the 1oth. I am not looking forward to it because they warned me I will be extremely bloated due to the amount of follicles they are wanting me to produce but hey, the more we get the more we will have to freeze in case this cycle doesnt take so I will deal with a little bit of bloating to get me there.

I love my RE. We couldnt ask for a better one. Our previous cycles have all been pretty much controlled by the RN's but I am guessing the amount of money we are paying this cycle we get to have Mr. Lipari himself. He has done everything for us, he even did our simple baseline u/s today. That makes me happy, I feel like we are in GREAT hands. He seems just as excited about the cycle and for us as we are.

I am going to continue the accupuncture. After researching on how much of a percentage it increases our chances I feel like it is best for us. It is a little expensive but I believe it will be worth it. I went for my first appointment last Friday and that afternoon I was spotting even on birth control. That is awesome because that is impossible for my body so I know it helps. I am going to go every Friday up to the day of transfer and then we are going to do the day of transfer (which our back to back treatments, before and after the transfer) That along is suppose to increase are chances by like 10%.

Well, I will keep everyone posted as we go on this journey. This is all new to us and is allot more involved then our last cycles, that is for sure. I am more scared this time around then the last and I think its because of the amount of money that has come from our pockets. I am hopefully thouhg, please keep us in your prayers.

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The Flukens said...

I will be praying!! You are in God's hands!