Monday, October 4, 2010

Job Interview

Well, had job interview on Friday which will help us decide how soon we can start back our fertility treatments. Due to the position I am in now, it is really hard to get personal time and sometimes we work 60 year weeks, like now, which makes it hard to plan a cycle because we know that never goes as planned. So, hopefully I will get this job and have a normal 40 hour week schedule and be a less stressful environement. This would allow us to start planning our cycle now instead of waiting till the beginning of the year when we are slow.

As for who to start it with, that is a different subject. Our last RE was awesome. We loved him and his staff. However, I felt as if he is very conservative and it cost to much money to be that way. We went into egg retrival with 7 follicles, only retreived 3 eggs and only 2 took. Which means we had none to freeze for a frozen cycle. I just feel like we didnt get all we could out of the cycle. I am so happy he got us pregnant the first time but I just want to explore my options.

There is another RE in town who has a very high sucess rate and is the same price as our prior RE. A friend of mine used him and loved him. She got pregnant the first transfer with twins. He is known as the Dr of multiples which could be a good and bad thing. Means he is aggressive but do I want to be too agressive.

When we get a day, we are going to make an apt with his office and see if he is someone we would be comfortable using. I am so ready though. I feel more eager and eager everyday but also nervous to start this process again.

So the check list begins:

1) get more flexiable job
2) get physcially ready
3) get emotionaly ready
4) get financially ready
5) pray, pray, pray......

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