Tuesday, September 20, 2011

26 weeks

He has his daddy's toes :)

How Far Along: 26 weeks and 2 days

Size of Baby: Madison (baby A) measured a little less then 2 pounds and Jackson (baby B) measured over 2 pounds

Baby A (Madison): she found her feet :)

Baby B (Jackson):

Weight Gain: 4 pounds (all babies)

Belly: belly gets bigger everynight

Sleep: breathing has been difficult and heartburn...not to mention having to pee every 45 minutes so I get it when I can get it

Milestones: we are pass the point, per books, where they would be able to survive if born today

Movement: these babies are moving all the time and the fun is now hurt, although I love feeling them knowing they are there

Symptoms: I know I am not officially in 3rd trimester till next week but I think I can say with twins, I am in my 3rd trimester, all the horribles of 1st are coming back

Food Cravings: extremely cold APPLE JUICE

Gender: BOY AND GIRL found out July 18, 2011

Names: Madison Lynn and Jackson Thomas

What I'm Looking Forward to: feeling ready for the babies, have a while to go

Dr updates: had high risk apt yesterday and didnt get the best of news. My cervix has started opening at the top. Luckily the length of my cervix has not changed. I go next Monday for a test to determine if I am at high risk of pre term labor and then they will decide on what my next steps are.

Also, Madison placenta fluids are low. They arent sure why and are going to monitor. If you look at the ultrasound pics, you can see the difference in fluid levels. Really concerned about this but Dr said its more just something to watch at this point.


Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

Already 2 pounds a piece, that's great! Please update as soon as you know more about the cervix, I'm sorry to hear that but I have heard you can dilate a little and stay the same for a long time. My good friend has been 2cm dilated since 32 weeks, and she is 36 weeks now. I hope your FFN test comes back negative!! How often are they going to monitor the fluids? I don't know much about it but I'll be prayin' for you and the babies they stay put and stay healthy!

Cori said...

Look how big they are getting!!! Wow! I will be thinking bout you hoping those babies do not plan to escape any time soon:)