Thursday, July 23, 2009

7 week checkup

Today was our 7 week ultrasound with the RE and everything was perfect. The baby doubled in size to 1CM and the heartbeat was strong. We were so excited and realize to see our little miracle still growing. The baby has been good to me, everyone asked me at the Dr. how I was feeling expecting the worst but to be honest I have had a great 7 weeks. I don't really get nauseated and if I do its not severe and I have yet to have had to hug the toilet. So, I am very happy that I have had a great first trimester so far but I am glad that I have had an U/s every week because with the lack of pregnancy symptoms, I would be going crazy not knowing if everything was okay if I wasn't able to get that report every week. I go to my OBGYN on Tuesday and then my next U/S will not be till we get back from vacation on the 10th. Hopefully I will be able to make it :)

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ap said...

Great news all around! :)