Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Okay, due to a few emails regarding the results I guess it wasnt fair to countdown to testing and then not tell the results. We did get the results back yesterday and they were positive. I AM FINALLY PREGNANT!

Now, I do ask for family and friends that read the blog to keep to your self for the time being. At least till our first appointment on July 16th. There are just so many things that can go wrong from now to then like being a chemical pregnancy and I just want to be 100% certain before we tell the world, although we really really want to. I knew I had to update the blog because everyone knew we had tested yesterday and were wanting the results.

We are both so excited. I think I am still in shock, its hard to believe right now. I didnt listen to anything the Dr. said yesterday after congradulations so I will be calling him back today. I think when you have so many negative after negative, when you get a positive its like you are in fear of the next thing to go wrong. I am trying to stay positive but its hard because I have all these thoughts running in my head. I do believe it was the power of prayer, a miracle. Thanks for everyone that kept us in your prayers and I ask you continue to do so as we get throug this first trimester.

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