Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not so fun....but now I feel pregnant

Well the last week I went from worrying that the test might be a false positive to I am so ready for my second trimester. This baby has made me tired, dizzy, and not hungry. I know I have to eat though so I make my self eat as much as possible but I have lost a couple of pounds. My Dr. said this is normal because I will be sensitive to certain foods, she told me to eat whatever I can and try small meals which it seems to help. I dont really get morning sickness, I get afternoon sickness, I left work early yesterday because I got clammy and dizzy and knew I needed to lay down. Migraines have been the worst. Tomorrwo I have an acupuncture appointment and I am going to see if she can help my daily headaches. I think they are the main reason I get so sick in the afternoon.

A week and a day we will do our first ultrasound and I am so counting the days. We have the first ultrasound picture, they printed a picture of the embryo in my uterus after they transfered it. Now I cant wait to add to it and make a pregancy book. Just cant wait. I hope baby is healthy and growing. Its hard not knowing right now. I worry and pray everyday. I bought a week by week book which has helped because my symptoms have matched up. It makes sense of stuff and is helping me allot. Also casting my fears to the Lord, that has been the biggest relief.

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