Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missing her....

Its been about 5 months since my Grandma passed. I have been doing pretty good lately but the day I found out I was pregnent, it has gotten hard again. It was so hard, I wanted to dial her number, I wanted to call her up and tell her that Amanda and Jason were finally going to be real parents (she didnt consider Louie making us She use to say, "you better treat your kids BETTER then you do that dog" I loved her, she knew how to make any situation a great situation.

I wanted to share the hapiness and joy with her because she had been praying with us, for us, through it all. She was there for us, when we needed a break I went and spent a weekend with her and we would just sit around the house and talk and talk. I love her so much and still miss her greatly. After not being able to call her I know that my baby has an amazing gaurdian angel, one that will watch over them and love them. I knew that she had a hand in picking out our perfect miracle baby. It made me feel so much better thinking about her watching over but oh how I wish I could go through this experience with her. I never though I would have to do it without her, she was suppose to live to 100. My kids were suppose to know her.

Okay, I am starting to cry at work so I just needed to share.


kerri said...

Amanda - you are 100% right... your grandma is your guardian angel. i'm glad you have such wonderful memories of her. :)

ap said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have considered acupuncture. I am actually going to talk to my RE about it on my next visit. I have friends who felt as though it helped them as well. Why not right?

I am sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope your fond memories of her help you get through the hard times.