Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some pictures from the Holidays!

My grandma had a project for the boys....this clothesline has been there since my Grandpa built the house and my Grandpa wanted to make sure it wasn't going to move. It took 6 to start it and a couple of more to finish.
My dad loves being Uncle Bubba and they love him too. If you ever need babysitters for free, ask me. I will bring Jason and then dad for when he gets tired : )

The great grands enjoy one of my favorite childhood moments, philler crabs dug out of their home from the marsh. Except we were a little more creative as we would set up race tracks and see which one would win. When they are little older, we just might have to show them.

Dad, doing what he does best. Cooking some amazing Low Country Boil, this time it was for all 55 of us. Thanks Dad for all you do :)

Grandma of course loved on her Great Grands. This is one of the newest cousins, Jasmine. She was full of so much sugar...

Grandma with Jason's little man, cousin John Wayne. You can eat this little boy up. Look at that face....

Snapshot of the volleyball game. Jason's team is on the left. They one both matches, he was proud. We have some tall boys in my family. Uriah 6'10ish and Elijah 6'8 just to name a few. Girls didn't have a chance playing with these boys.

Jason and I, out for NYE!
These are just a few. If i get a chance I will post some more later.

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