Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photos at Grandma...

Below are just some photos I took with my camera over the weekend. The boys had to get roots out of the sewage pipes, took some priceless pictures of them. I love the photo of Jason and my cousin posing, I used one of my cameras awesome features where it just pulls out certain colors. I just really love the effect it gives it. The rest of the pictures are just shots of my Grandma's yard and porch and then of course included our sweet Furbaby! Enjoy!!!
My husband and Johnathon working hard for my Grandma.
Grandma's of the most peaceful places on earth.
View from her porch...

Her backyard
Our Louie....isnt he the cutest dog you have EVER seen!
Poor boy, he wanted to go out and play but it was too cold!

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