Thursday, April 14, 2011

5DP5DT.....and I am

GOING CRAZY! I dont remember last IVF the wait being so bad. Today I thought I would be stupid and take a Dollar Store test thinking its a $1. What does it matter if I waisted it. I think there was a faint line BUT I may be making things up. You know we tend to do that. As for symptoms, I have been very fatigue and light headed, boobs are sore, cramps started yesterday, and my husband said I am being clumpsy but I am on vaginal progesterone which could cause several of those things. So, I am trying to just make it through the weekend. I know I will probably POAS everyday now because I think there was a faint line but I have read where 6DP5DT getting a faint positive. SO it may not be too soon.....

Monday Monday where are yoU!!!!!

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Andrea said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) Following you now too! Really hoping your faint line gets darker every day! I would say at 6dp5dt it's definitely possible to see 2 lines!