Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trigger day......

I went today for u/s and today was the day for trigger. on Friday we went and they scared me because there was huge blob on my left ovary and the nurse thought it was a cyst which meant that we were going to cancel the cycle (of course I have already taken about $2500 in meds) she brings the Dr in and he finds that it is a follicle, thank goodness but it was like a 19 which means I needed to trigger that day. Remind you, Jason went to IL this weekend, if we triggered on Friday we would have had retrieval on Sunday which would have not worked. After looking closer, the big blob turned out to be three follicles on top of each other and they were not large enough to have to trigger that night. Went today, several 19, 18, 16, and some small ones. I couldnt really count as he was calling out the sizes but each ovary still has a promising at least 5. Like I told Jason, I dont even care about being in double digits which would be nice but 6 would be a good number. Thats 3 transfers. Hoping we want have to worry about that but I still would like to have that peace of mind.

So, tonight was the trigger. I am fine giving my self all of the shots (FSH, low dose HSG, and even the Ganirelix) because they use insulin needles which are easy to do in the belly and you dont really notice them. But, as most of you know the trigger shot is a whole different ball game. Goes in a muscle and a pretty large needle. Jason always gives that one to me as I hold Louie and try not to think about it. This time, I had to do it and i had no clue how i was going to do that. Well, after about 5 minutes of debating what to do, I managed to suck it up and get it in my hip. I pulled back and thought I saw blood, freaked and pulled out. Of course that meant I had to put the shot back in, gave what i thought all of the shot, pulled out and guess what med still in the syringe. So, had to actually give my self the same shot three times (Are you kidding me) lol.....we all could write books couldnt we.

I now wait till Monday at 6:30 AM scheduled for the retrieval. I will know that day how many was retrieved and then usually the next day a call advising how many were successfully fertilized. I am under the weather most of the retrieval day but if I get a moment I hope to leave yall an update of how many eggs I got, pray for 5 or more! :)

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