Monday, April 11, 2011

Good News keeps coming.....keep it coming.....

Okay, sorry its been a bit since I have wrote. So.....egg retreival was done on Monday. Went under with about 13 follicles, they retreived 8. I have prayed for 6 so I was really happy with that number. I was in allot of pain and took the next day off work, it was allot worse then last time and I am sure it was because the difference in stimilation.

Tuesday: fertility report, out of the 8, 6 fertilized, lets plan on the 3 day transfer on Thursday.

Wednesday, still in allot of pain, went to work but it sucked.

Thursday: called to check and make sure we were still doing 3 day transfer, she stated that of the 6, 5 of them were 8 cells and looked great and they wanted to wait for day 5 to see how many blastocyst plus the percentage is better.

Friday: just ready to get Thursday over, I was finally not feeling so sore in my belly

Saturday day of transfer. I remembered my last transfer and being so painful due to my bladder about to bust. So, I decided to take it easy and not chug the water they ask you to chug. Well, 2 hours later and 5 cups of water later, my bladder was full. Once again, I was shaking and crying because I had to peepee so bad and just couldnt. Then of course my Dr and husbandy had a sence of humor and thought while she was pushing on my bladder with the ultrasound and he was opening my uterus, they would talk about water fountains and streams. NOT FUNNY! Anyways, two gorgous blasts were transfered. The report that day of the 5, only 3 were blast. The others werent far behind and they were gonig to give them a few more days to see because they would only freeze blast. I was kinda disappointed that we only had 1 but I was hoping it didnt matter. Took the day easy and Sunday for the most part.

Today: called the Dr to get report on embroyos, all three made it to blast and I now have three gorgeous frozen blast. I started crying, what a piece of mind. Little less pressure off right, lol, who am I kidding.

April 18th is the day for bloodwork. I am of course going to do my best from peeing on a stick but I just have such a good feeling and so does our Dr. I am trying to hold back because of the big posssible disappointment but I am suppose to be positive and that is what I am trying to be....positive.

Thanks everyone for keeping me in your we just wait!!!!


MrsRKelley said...

wow, I have a good feeling for the both of us. this is the year of baby making. I can't wait to here your results.

The Flukens said...

I can't wait to find out Amanda! I am praying for your rainforest!!