Monday, October 10, 2011

29 weeks

After being released from the hospital I have had several apt.  The Monday afterwards, Madison's fluids has sustained from the IV fluids and my cervix looked good so they allowed me to go back to work.  Went to work Tuesday through half a day on Thursday when I had my check up at the high risk.  My cervix had made quite the change during this time period and I was officially put on permanent bedrest.  I also had a high blood pressure so I had to complete a 24 hr urine collection over the weekend which sucked.  I couldnt believe at 27 weeks I was already on bedrest but what ever is best for the babies. 

Jason left that weekend to go see his Dad and I took it pretty easy. I will say I did go do a little bit of shopping and found some cute outfits for the babies. Today they wanted to do a FFN to check if I am at risk of labor in the next two weeks. My cervix is a little longer then 1 (cm I think) but when I was contracting, it was less then 1.  Cervix is still close however which is a good sign.  I had to do the sugar test today and I should know the results for pre-clampsia test tomorrow.  So, now just waiting on test results. 

How Far Along: 29 weeks and 1 day  

Size of Baby: last week Jackson weighed 2lb 14 oz and Madison was 2lb 4 oz.....yes she is smaller then him but they said could be margin of error due to her low fluids or its natural for male to be larger then female

Picture:  not one this week

Weight Gain:  about 6 pounds

Sleep: ugh.....I rest but not sleep. I can not get comfortable at all

Milestones: 3rd trimester

Movement:  my belly is constantly jumping and they have started what I think rolling and its noticeable

Symptoms: swelling of the hands, back aches, braxton hicks, and lots of pressure

Food Cravings: nothing particular, my appetite is allot larger now

What I'm Looking Forward to: babies to be here and be healthy :)


michelle said...

Yikes! Are you on strict bed rest? It's seems awfully early. Gosh, I hope that doesn't happen to me! I will go out of my mind. I know I'll do what's best in the end but I was hoping/planning that stuff like that wouldn't pop up until 33w or so! Best to you!

Krista said...

Oh no! I am dreading possibly going on bed rest early. It's so much tougher with twins! Hang in'll get through it and those little ones will be here happy and healthy soon (but not too soon!) Take it easy, Amanda!

Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

I'm so sorry about the bed rest but anything to keep the babies healthy is right!! I hope things continue to look good with Madison's fluids.

Shopping online is a good pass time, and baby center message boards keep me pretty busy as well.

Please keep me updated when you find out about the FFN! Hang in there!

marilyn said...

bedrest..that does not sound good..but true...if it is best for the babies...they will be here soon. And you can blog must be feeling so much movement with twins. Tel us more about the feeling of twins..what about the products you have to buy..everything in twos!! How was your test for GD?