Monday, October 3, 2011

28 weeks

Jackson's sweet face, he was the only one wanting to participate this morning during the ultrasound and the nurse surprised me by taking a 3D shot of him. I thought it was so awesome.  Look at those cheeks.

So, have had an eventful last couple of days.  Last post I mentioned the shortening of my cervix and I had an u/s scheduled for Thursday.  (Sept 29)   During the ultrasound they found my cervix had not changed which was good because that means it wasnt actively thinning.  However, when they looked at Madison's fluid they saw that hers was about half of what Jackson's was.  Her bloodflow to umbilical cord was high.  They then decided to monitor me for 30 min and see how her heartrate was.  During the monitoring I had a contraction and her heart rate dropped.  With the combination of her heart rate dropping and her having low fluids, they sent me straight to the hospital where I stayed for 24 hrs.  During that time they had me on IV fluids to see if they would be able to increase her fluids and also had me on a monitor the whole stay to see if her heart dropped during any other contractions.

 They had me so scared though because my OB came in and started discussing c-section procedures with me and NICU and etc.  They made me fast from the time I got there for about 6 hrs incase I had to have the c-section.  It was something I didnt even want to think about at only 28 weeks.  They started me on steroids to help strengthening the babies lungs in case they come early. 

After a night in the hospital on fluids,  her fluid did go up a little bit. Enough they felt okay with sending me home.  This morning had a follow up appointment and her fluids have stayed the same but her umbilical flow looks good.  I go back on Thursday for a growth measurement and hopefully she is growing at the rate she should.  One of the fears of low amniotic fluid is not enough room for the baby to grow.  So, now I just wait. If they are unable to keep her with a steady amount of fluid, I may be spending the rest of my pregnancy in a hospital bed.  I just pray this is no the case. 


Josey said...

Ugh, scary scary. Hoping and praying that the fluid levels resolve themselves and those babies get to cook in you for another 9+ weeks!!

Cori said...

Praying praying praying for you and those sweet babies!!! How precious is that little face!!!!???!!

Nini said...

This is all so close to my story. Praying praying with every fiber of my being keeping you on my prayer list.
Jackson is adorable by the way!

Kristen said...

Praying for you guys!