Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 weeks

How Far Along: today I am 8 weeks and 3 days

Size of Baby: both babies are the size of a kidney bean and they are measuring to date

Picture of Baby: again Baby A is very photogenic as you can see in the fetal position. Baby B is actually looking at us on in the picture, he is on the right. on the ultrasound you could actually see eyes and face.

Maternity Clothes: i have a pair of capris from my last pregnancy and I have to admit I wear them. my jeans are very snug. its time to go get some essentials.

Weight Gain: i have actually lost weight, i have lost about 5 pounds from my start weight

Belly: belly is there.....we have decided to start telling people because I am getting stares...I AM NOT FAT lol

Stretch Marks: none from the pregnancy yet

Sleep: I have been on bedrest this week due to bleeding so I have had TOO much sleep. my body is sore from laying down.

Best Moment of the Week: seeing such clear photos of baby A in the fetal position and seeing Baby B face

Movement: not yet but cant wait

Symptoms: ugh still have all the first trimester symptoms....nauseated, hungry, thirsty, mouth watering, tired, dizzy, and cramps (growing pain)

Food Cravings: icecream

Gender: still dont know.....thinking baby A is girl/ baby B is boy

What I Miss: still Dr Pepper and hot baths

What I'm Looking Forward to: feeling okay with pregnancy, I had spotting recently and I am ready to see the twinkies next week to have comfort.

Weekly Wisdom: twins cause more bleeding and complications

Milestones: we have past the point where we lost our angel baby

Emotions: scared and concerned but still happy


Just the three of us! said...

Seeing the face was the craziest thing! I love watching the stages of developement! That is a great pic !

Baby Hopes said...

Very sweet!!!

Cori said...

So precious!

Project Baby said...

wooohooo..very sweet pictures!!