Sunday, May 1, 2011

Internet can be evil.....

Ugh.....for those that have followed me for a while know that in 2009, we got pregnant with IVF and lost our baby at 11 weeks. Saw the heartbeat from week 6 and our last ultrasound with our RE, no heartbeat was found. We were devastated, we took a year off to grieve, mourn, and have our relationship recoup after 2 years of straight fertility treatments.

Now, 2011, I am 6 weeks pregnant and I cant get that appointment out of my head. Of course now that I know we have twins I have researched

to find out what the miscarriage rate is for twins or that one may not make it. I have drove myself crazy. I am done. No more evil Internet making me worry about something I dont need to.

Its in God's hand and he will take care of our babies. I pray they will be 2 healthy babies we will have in our arms in December and we will get to share them with the world. Our beautiful babies. I prayed this morning and asked God to give me the strength to rely on him and to stop worrying about things that are out of my control. To give me peace and just enjoy this pregnancy and not to over analyze everything. After that prayer I do feel more at peace.

I cant WAIT TILL TUESDAY to get to see our babies again. I will post the updated picture after the appointment.


marilyn said...

The internet is good and evil. I agree it can make you mad!! I just look over to the right of this and I see Louie, your pooch. I can see see how he could probably really calm you and keep you distracted. What a cutie!!

Cori said...

I know the feeling oh so well. I always lose myself in internet research and the pay for it later. Can't wait for an update on your next ultrasound. Sending good vibes and hugs:)

Sarah said...

Yeah, the internet is evil. I tried to stay away as much as possible in my pregnancy, but since you have experienced a loss I am sure it is that much harder. So happy for you all with your twins. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you see both little stong heartbeats that lead to two take home babies!

PS. I am here from Cycle Sista's :) We are doing our FET for baby #2 in June