Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Infertility from A to Z

I read this at JSpuared and thought it was an awesome insight for the IF world. Feel free to copy and use, would love to read your answers!

A – Age at Which you Started Trying To Conceive: 23
B – Baby Dancing or Sex: baby dancing
C – Children Wanted: set of 3, now with twins looking at 4 children
D – Dogs/Cats/Fill In Babies: our furbaby, Louie, and my BF child
E – Essential Oils/Vitamins: Prenatal vitamin
F – Fertility Meds I’ve Taken: Baby aspirin, prenatal vitamin, Letrozole, Clomid, Lupron, Prometrium, low dose HCG, trigger shot, Estradiol,, Ovidrel, Follistem, Gonel-F (I am sure I have left off many, lets just say, we have done allot!)
G – Gain, What I have Gained from Infertility: how wonderful my husband has been through out the process and how awesome our families are for support. you really find out who is really there for you!
H – HSG test: yes, hated it but everything was good
I – Infertile Pet Peeve: When people tell you, dont worry if you cant have a baby you can adopt? um, have you looked into the cost of adoption, the waiting list, or even the emotion regarding new born adoptions then of course the famous words "it will happen" no it will not just happen, I have ovulation issues, I DONT OVULATE! you cant have a baby if you dont ovulate
J – Job Title: claims adjuster
K – Kids Names you are Afraid will be Taken: it has already happened and I credit about it for days. it was special, my mothers maiden name was Jackson and she said she wanted her first grandson to be named Jackson. Well, Jason and I talked about it when we first got married and loved it and had it picked since that day. Unfortunatly, there will now be two Jacksons in our family but only one Jackson Thomas Coakley :)
L – Lengh of Time Trying to Conceive: 4 years
M – Miscarriages: 1 at 10 weeks
N – Number of Times you have Swiched Reproductive Endocrinologists: once but I dont think it counts because we went back to our first one
O – Ovarian Quality: they produce follicles, usually empty ones ;(
P – Pee-On-A-Stick or Wait for Aunt Flo: I am a pee-on-a-stick aholic and it doesnt help my husband is too.....
Q – Quote from an Obnoxious Fertile: "your doing fertility treatments, is that because yall dont want to natural" are you KIDDING me, who wants to go through all the pain and suffering of hormones and shots and lets not forget the financial part when I could just MAKE LOVE TO MY HUSBAND...ughhhh
S – Sperm: nice high count, just has a few lazy boys...
T – Time you Tried Naturally: we are always trying naturally hoping for a miracle (5 years)
U – Uterus Quality: slightly tilted but looks good
V – Vagina: No complaints there
W – What Baby Stuff do you Already Have: my mom and sister just purchased me a playyard from Ellen's show for mothers day....that will be my first baby purchase
X – Xtra, Xtra, Hear all about it! How many people know about your TTC Journey: at first, family and close friends, now its like WHATEVER!
Y – Yearly Exam: every year, usually RE recommends an annual
Z – Zits: I take hormones, what do you think!

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Lindsey said...

Love the list. I'm actually the one who started this about a month ago and I'm trying to find all the blogs so that we can link up! Here is the post where I'm listing them, Let me know if you find any other girls! Also congrats on your twins!